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S-005 Japanese Gosho doll with Fire Banner, 1920's

A Child with "Matoi", the flag for fire-person lovely Gosho doll from Kaga region of Japan. The Matoi flag means the flag for general's position in fire battle, i.e. most important point, the sign for the main fire place to where water should be supplied immediately. A person who keeps this flag standing on burning house's roof was considered as the most bravely and heroic person in those time. The golden color of the flag had a magic power for people in those period pretending calamities including fire.
The body of that beautiful doll is finished in white gofun (crushed oyster shells) and facial features are well modeled and delicately hand painted, and tufts of hair fall from each side of his face. The child is dressed in golden red apron with a braided orange cord encircling his neck and back. The Matoi signed "Kaga", the name of region.
Dimensions: 20 cm / 7,8 inches high
Condition: excellent with no damage

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japanese traditional doll Gosho. The Japonic Online Store
japanese kaga gosho doll The Japonic Online Store
japanese traditional doll Gosho. The Japonic Online Store
japanese traditional doll, 1930's
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