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japanese antique silk faced doll of a samurai
BJ-077 Japanese Antique doll of a Ronin or Samurai Traveler, 1920'-30s

Absolutely rare Japanese silk-faced doll of a samurai traveler with sword. His wonderful clothes made of white-blue traditionally designed cotton and linen. He holds convolute striped cloak on shoulder, and straw hat in hi hand. Traveler's straw sandals waraji put on his feet and blue arm-covers are on his arms. His hair style is typical for ronin ( samurai without master)
time: around 1930's.
Dimensions: 67 cm /26,3 inches high
Condition: excellent

Sold, Thank you

japanese antique silk faced doll of samurai traveler
 samurai traveler, japanese antique doll
japanese samurai travele, antique silk faced  doll, 1930's japanese samurai traveler, antique silk faced  doll

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