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KI-005 Japanese  doll of Ko-Omote, Noh Theatre Character, 1960's

Finely modeled Japanese kimekomi vintage doll of Noh Theatre Ko-Omote a beauty young lady character,  dressed in magnificent silk brocade stage costume and metal head decoration with beads. The face of actor covered up by traditional mask depicts young beauty.  The actor holds golden hand painted folding fan.
Mask features are well modeled and delicately hand painted, and long black hair fall down on back.' Kimekomi' means "tuck in" in Japanese. The doll body is made of compacted paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. Clothes made of silk brocade with traditional Japanese design, and are glued and tucked into grooves of a doll body. Doll's face covered in a highly burnished gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically and the wig is made of artificial hair.
Dimensions: 38cm/ 15,2 inches high
Condition: excellent with no damage

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Japanese traditional doll
Japanese traditional doll
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