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Japanese Oiran Doll, 1980's
KI-056 Japanese kimekomi Oiran doll, 1980's

Lovely Japanese doll in kimekomi technique represents young Oiran.
From the Edo period the Oiran were the best classes among the women of pleasure and they had the most elaborate and rich costume and hair style possible.
The doll is dressed in pink colored silk kimono, very rich silk-brocaded kimono gown uchikake and black obi belt tied (Oiran style only) as a big bow in front. The uchikake's  one long  sleeve thrown off to reveal her light colored  figured silk under kimono.
Doll's flirty smiling face is finished in gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically. Her complexity hair style  embellished with combs and hair-pins.
This doll crafted about 1980's ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship.
Japanese kimekomi dolls have carved base of wood, or paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. A design of different patterned cloth made of silk brocade with traditional Japanese design scraps is planned out, and the base is grooved so that the edges of the cloth can be hidden in the grooves. The cloth is glued on and the edges tucked in. The head and hands of the doll are usually finished with gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted, the hair may be a part of the molded head or be a separate wig. These lovely Japanese traditional kimekomi dolls have become a very popular for collection.

Dimensions: 37 cm / 14,5 inches high 
Condition: excellent. Highly collectible item of Japanese art.

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japanese doll
japanese doll
japanese doll japanese doll
japanese doll japanese doll
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