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man's yukata
Japanese traditional bride doll in wedding kimono and bride's hat
OG-149 Japanese  bride doll in wedding costume, 1960's

Lovely Japanese bride doll represents a young beautiful lady  dressed in  rich silk brocaded wedding kimono gown - uchikake with white storks and golden clouds motif and white patterned silk kimono and with traditional wedding golden fan in her hands. Her black hair adorned with bride  ceremony white head scarf and comb and long hair-pins engraved with flying storks and plum blossom motif as well as with two silver bira-bira pins. Highly collectibles doll is in excellent conditions  with no damage.

Dimensions:  46 cm /18,1 inches high

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*Shipping and insurance fee from Japan to USA is about US$ 72.00 and to UK and Europe US$ 75.00

japanese bride doll in wedding kimono and hat, 1960's
Japanese traditional bride dol in wedding kimono
Japanese wedding kimono doll, 1960's
Japanese traditional bride doll, 1960's
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