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Japanese Hakama,
Monzuki, short kimono , and Hadagi, under kimono jacket

Hakama is a type of traditional Japanese clothing and resembles a wide, pleated skirt worn over the short kimono (hakamashita) and obi sash belt. This is divided hakama (umanori hakama) for kendo, aikido or iaido training. Hakama has a strong back plate and long belt ties. It is made of high quality blended material which provide easy care and give years of service.

Hakama price: US$ 102.50
  • material: mixed
  • Hakama size/length:
    24 size -96 cm in length (for person tall 160-165 cm)
    25 size -99 cm (for person tall 165-170 cm)
    26 size -102 cm (for person tall 170-175 cm)
    27 size -105 cm (for person tall 175-182cm)
    28 size -108 cm (for person tall 185-190cm)
    29 size -112 cm (for person tall 190-195cm)
  • color: black
  • machine washable
  • made in Japan
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee for hakama from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 36.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 38.00

embroidered samurai crest on kimono

japanese short man's kimono. The Japonic Online Shop

Japanese short kimono Monzuki with embroidered Tokugawa's family crest or 'mon' on back and two crests in front of this comfortable short cotton kimono.

Kimono price: US$ 86.90

  • material: cotton 100%
  • kimono length:
    45"/ 114cm ,
    42"/ 108cm,
  • color: black
  • machine washable
  • the belt of the same material is attached inside
  • made in Japan
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee for kimono from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$28.00 to UK and Europe - US$30.00

Hadagi or under kimono is a short cotton jacket with semi long sleeves, two inside strings ties and blue or white color collar. It is made of high quality white cotton fabric which absorbs sweat well, and it makes you feel comfortable.

Hadagi Jacket price: US$ 85.90
  • material: cotton 100%
  • hadagi size:
    L -  for person tall 165-177 cm.,
    LL - for person tall 177-187 cm.
  • color: white w/ white or white w/ navy-blue collar
  • machine washable 
  • made in Japan
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee for hadagi under kimono from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$24.00 to UK and Europe - US$26.00

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japanese under kimono jacket. The Japonic Online Shop
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